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An entrepreneur walks into a bar. They raise it. 

Continually finding new ways to push the standard, entrepreneurs devote substantial time and energy to their businesses. That means wearing many hats as their ventures grow from concept to reality to expansion. Handing off those hats is where sustainability is developed, and where a unified platform can save the day. 

Time is valuable, and new ideas for products and services don’t just stop for an entrepreneur. So how do you know when it’s time to invest in a CRM growth platform to support your business? It might look like:

Getting too many direct requests for information

Disorganized or non-centralized data means you are the only resource for verified information. You did build the business, didn’t you? Explaining your excel document would just take too much time, anyways.

Working for your data, rather than having it work for you

Combining data from multiple sources takes time away from decision making. By the time you’ve found the reports, exported  and combined all of your data, and plugged in your formulas, you’ve cost your business hours of precious time before you can even analyze your first metric. 

No or limited time dedicated to innovation 

Time slips away as business pushes forward. Whether or not you’d consider yourself naturally organized, time blocking for creative tasks is just as important as a scheduled client meeting (Here’s a great article on Time Blocking). However, if your hours are being sucked into the menial tasks of answering frequent information requests or sorting through piles of data, then that’s time that you can’t spend focusing on the areas of your business you enjoy the most. 

These aren’t, by any means, the only ways to identify if it’s time to upgrade your business platform. Recognizing team capacity can help prevent these issues from escalating, and serve as a more passive signal for making the platform investment. A team at its maximum capacity is only limited to expansion by it’s resources. This is where a more proactive approach can be taken to build those resources to support sustainable business practices. 

As the Morgenstern quote goes, “work smarter… not harder”. That’s exactly what CRM growth platforms, like HubSpot, provide. Catering to unique business needs with feature customization and a low entry cost, entrepreneurs can choose to invest in what they need at that time, within their available budget (which can be limited in a young business). As the business grows, HubSpot can grow with you and continue to keep all of your valuable data in a single place. Get the benefits of:

✔️ Centralized resources

Easy-to-access and share documents, shared inboxes, meeting links, contact and company information, email recaps, call records, planned sales activities, planned marketing activities, customer service history and activities, and numerous third party integrations. 

✔️ Reporting across all departments

Company success is ultimately influenced by the performance and activities of all departments. View cross-departmental data with a simple click to determine marketing campaign success, sales activity performance, customer service response times and trends, and so much more. 

✔️ Time back in your day

Build your growth platform to take the pressure off of you as a human resource. Until we have the ability to clone ourselves, putting the upfront work into developing a centralized resource is a necessary step in building a sustainable company. 

Having the ability to combine sales, marketing, and customer service into a single platform resource means more time for entrepreneurs to do what they do best…hand off those hats and raise the bar! So is it time for you to make the switch?

If you’re interested in learning more about HubSpot or other growth platform solutions, book a meeting with Maramba Consulting.