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Solutions for every stage of your sales departments growth

From nurturing leads to closing more deals, we have solutions to help you accelerate revenue growth

Solutions for every stage of your sales departments growth

From nurturing leads to closing more deals, we have solutions to help you accelerate revenue growth

10+ Years

of Revenue Operations


Revenue Influenced


Client Satisfaction

10+ Years

of Revenue Operations


Revenue Influenced


Client Satisfaction

Expert HubSpot Audit

Our HubSpot Audit Service provides a comprehensive assessment of your organization’s current utilization of HubSpot and alignment with your revenue operation processes. We’ll give you a detailed report with actionable recommendations to help you maximize your HubSpot investment.

What you can expect:


Our team will thoroughly review your usage of all HubSpot Hubs you currently have, including:

Sales Hub

Marketing Hub

Service Hub

Operations Hub


We’ll identify areas where you might not be taking full advantage of the platform’s capabilities,
and suggest ways to align HubSpot’s features more closely with your current revenue operations.


Utilization Report

We’ll compile a report that details whether your organization uses each feature available in the HubSpot Hubs. This report will provide a clear snapshot of how well your team is leveraging the capabilities of HubSpot.


Feature Recommendations

In your report, we’ll provide a utilization rating for each feature, as well as recommendations for improvements based on our initial findings.


Training and Implementation Recommendations

Based on our findings, we’ll propose a personalized training and implementation plan. Including suggestions for onboarding sessions, workshops, or other training resources to help your team get up to speed on underused HubSpot features. We will also provide expert recommendations for better ways to implement HubSpot in your sales and marketing workflows.

The Results

By conducting this in-depth audit, we’ll help you uncover areas where you can further leverage
HubSpot to streamline your processes and drive revenue growth. You can expect to:

Gain a clear understanding of
how well you’re currently using
HubSpot and where there’s room for improvement

Receive customized, actionable
recommendations to enhance your
HubSpot usage and alignment with
your revenue operations

Get a comprehensive training and
implementation plan to guide your
team in making the most of
HubSpot’s features

The Investment

Our comprehensive HubSpot Audit is priced at $2,500 and is completed over a two-week period.
The value you’ll receive in terms of improved operational efficiency and revenue potential
far exceeds this one-time investment.

Ready To Unlock HubSpot’s Full Potential?

Accelerate your revenue growth by harnessing the power of HubSpot to its full potential. Each day that goes by without optimizing your CRM is missed opportunity to capture more sales. Book a meeting today through the link below and leave no room for missed opportunities.

Common Challenges We’ll Help You Fix

At SalesTeamHub, we’re committed to resolving your unique CRM challenges. We have designed our packages keeping in mind the typical hurdles companies face. Here are the problems we frequently address:

Inadequate Reporting & Analytics

We empower you to make data-driven decisions by enhancing your CRM’s reporting and analytics capabilities.

Poor User Adoption

We ensure that your CRM is intuitive and beneficial for your sales team, leading to consistent use and full data capture.

Integration Challenges

We facilitate seamless integration between your CRM and other key business systems, eliminating data silos.

Poor Mobile Access

We enhance your mobile CRM experience, ensuring your sales team can effectively operate from anywhere, anytime.

Data Management Issues

We address issues related to data duplication, inaccuracy, and cleaning, leading to better decisions and opportunities.

Inefficient Workflow Automation

We equip your CRM with the right automation features, freeing your sales reps from repetitive tasks and increasing selling time.

No Forecasting Tools

We enhance your CRM with reliable sales forecasting tools, aiding in accurate prediction of future sales and effective pipeline management.

Limited Visibility Into the Sales Pipeline

We enable leadership to accurately forecast sales by providing clear insight into the sales pipeline, optimizing opportunities, and resource allocation.

Lack of Alerts or Reminders

We equip your CRM with an effective system for alerts or reminders, ensuring no crucial touchpoints or actions are forgotten.

Our solutions are built to address these challenges and more. With SalesTeamHub, you’re not just purchasing a service; you’re investing in the resolution of your biggest CRM pain points.