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Client Results

Your Success, Our Commitment

Client Results

Your Success, Our Commitment

Unlocking Revenue with Tailored CRM Solutions

Your success story begins here. By aligning HubSpot with the unique needs of sales teams, we empower sales leaders to improve their sales process and accelerate revenue growth.

Voices of Transformation

Learn from businesses like yours that have achieved their growth goals by enhancing their CRM adoption and sales processes.

“I was looking for a partner to get everybody in the company to use one CRM, HubSpot. After my first meeting with Carissa and Josh, I felt like they were two people that I would be excited to work with, having a good understanding of what it was going to take to be successful because of their industry insight. They’re experts in the system, processes, are organized, and always deliver.”

 Rick Egan, COO at Ispire

“We have a great product but needed some structure around the sales department. At first, I was nervous about hiring externally for this, but I’m happy we did. These guys can develop a sales department, from the hiring process, commission structure, to the software you use to manage your sales.”

– Tyrone Poole, Founder & CEO of OneApp Guarantee

“We wanted to convert more of our leads to sales and ensure our customers weren’t slipping through the cracks. They helped us streamline our sales process so we could get the results we want. They’ve shown us an easier way to manage sales, without spending nearly as much time and manpower.”

– Brad White, Senior Mechanical Engineer at N.B. Oler

“We were not fully utilizing our CRM capabilities and they have helped us take full advantage of the services that we are paying for…they go above and beyond to identify problems and provide actionable solutions.”

Luke Conway, GM at Karing Kind

“We previously used a project management platform to track our client engagements, which wasn’t meant for that. They took time to get a sense of our customer flow, and how HubSpot could help establish that flow more successfully. They guided us through the process, working alongside our team to align the tools with our customer journey.”

Gabriel Shields, Owner at Benu Creations

“The Maramba team is a dream to work with… We've come to rely on them to nurture inbound leads, support existing customers and develop strategy to continually grow our sales efforts all while helping us manage our CRM, develop new processes and define our underlying marketing strategy. We wouldn't have grown as quickly or as consistently without their involvement.”

Carly Hoitt, Creative Director at Vape-Jet

“We didn't have a CRM system and needed a better way to track deals and contacts because we started to have multiple team members involved in the sales process. They identified an effective solution scaled to our current needs with room to grow!”

Tyee Carr, Managing Partner at TCA

“...prompt, organized, knowledgeable, and has a great attitude. I've learned something new with every meeting… I've seen significant improvements in not only our systems but our environment. Highly recommend bringing them in!”

Aubrey Slaughter, Agrify Corporation

“Investing in HubSpot was pivotal to the success of our business. Carissa and the team were masterful in their implementation. I highly recommend them.”

Thom King, CEO at Icon Foods

“They are a wonderful resouce for sales, marketing and CRM intergration. They have a great team of experts to help and are very quick to respond to questions.”

Chandra Wyatt, CFO at Earthfort

Real Client Results

Sales teams are adding $1-2 Million in annual revenue by leveraging advanced automation and AI-driven analytics

Cannabis Equipment Sales Grow by 211% with HubSpot

Company: Vape-Jet, a cannabis equipment manufacturer.

Challenge: Difficulty with scaling early sales.

Solution: SalesTeamHub implemented HubSpot to align KPIs, improve lead nurturing, and manage pipeline and forecasting.


Tripled closed deals within 90 days

211% sales growth in the first year

Continued 73% growth in the second year

Freed CEO to focus on strategic roles

63% Revenue Growth in under 9 Months with HubSpot

Company: OneApp Guarantee, a property management solution provider.

Challenge: Difficulty consistently scaling revenue.

Solution: SalesTeamHub customized HubSpot for the company’s needs, aligned sales and marketing, trained on deal management, and tailored reporting.


63% revenue growth

58% increase in new company acquisition

226% surge in referral partner signups

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