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Streamlined Sales & Marketing

During the daily scramble that we call “the startup phase” of any business, it is easy to forget what makes your company strong. With so much excitement and enthusiasm going around, your team can become scattered and ineffective, focusing too much on tasks outside of their wheelhouse and too little on their essential roles. So, if you asked me what the most crucial part of this beginning phase is, I’d simply say: allow your team to do what they do best.

3 Pricing Strategy Principles

There are three key principles to developing an effective pricing strategy that I’ve seen hold true across a wide variety of businesses, but especially so with those that sell premium products and services. I call them the three Ps of pricing, positioning, profitability, and preparation.

What to Know Before Hiring a Sales Manager

Well done! Your business is ready to bring on more customers, and it’s time to expand your sales operation. The good news: your brand’s DNA is working—you’ve found a successful model for achieving early success while establishing a foundation for future growth. Now, your business has reached a scale where you can afford to hire someone to take on sales management.

Three Reasons Why You Should Invest In A CRM

Continually finding new ways to push the standard, entrepreneurs devote substantial time and energy to their businesses. That means wearing many hats as their ventures grow from concept to reality to expansion. Handing off those hats is where sustainability is developed, and where a unified platform can save the day.